Your customers may love and need your products, but if the only time they can interact with your company is when your reps are available during your business hours, chances are they won’t be your customer much longer.

Most companies spend valuable time and resources trying to attract new customers, so it's vital that they place an equal emphasis on customer retention.

Customers now have more leverage than ever due to the amount of competition in the market and won’t settle for subpar experiences. So when you mess up a customer order, or even leave them thinking you did, their perception of your organization will be changed and you may have lost a customer for life.

By being on the cutting edge of B2B e-commerce, you can give customers the power to do business on their terms. They can shop for products, pay invoices, track shipments, and much more- all without having to wait for an employee to be available.

This can be a massive differentiator for your business and drive increased customer satisfaction. These happy customers will serve as evangelists, telling other prospective customers “these guys are the best, you have to buy from them!”