Manual order re-keying is something that thousands of B2B businesses struggle with on a daily basis. If you're taking orders manually, then paying a team of employees to enter these orders into your ERP system- you're missing out on opportunities to grow sales and risking mistakes in order re-keying.

Giving customers the ability to order online can be a huge asset for organizations looking to efficiently grow sales.

But if they are ordering on non-integrated websites, your employees are still having to spend valuable time manually enter these orders into your ERP accounting system. While this may be a more efficient way for your customers to order, it's not making your employees anymore efficient and leaves the door open for errors in rekeying.

Ordering errors can happen for any number of reasons; whether it's your sales rep hearing the customer wrong or making a typo when manually inputting the order. Therefore, it's essential to implement solutions that remove both the time and risk associated with manual order entry.

By empowering customers with integrated e-commerce solutions, orders automatically flow into your ERP system without involving your employees- and with no rekeying errors.