In a world where Amazon’s anywhere, anytime, any device, 1-click ordering and 2-day delivery have become the expected standard, B2B companies are stuck using highly manual processes (phone, fax, and email) to onboard, sell to, and service their B2B customers.

That’s why B2B companies must offer self-service alternatives to customers who simply can’t afford to waste time waiting on your employees to become available.

Many businesses have an entire department allocated to handling simple information requests on things like pricing, inventory, order status, etc. It's vital that you provide customers with a high level of service, but this is an inefficient allocation of employee time that could be focused on more important tasks.

By implementing a self-service portal, you essentially have a customer service team working around the clock, creating an opportunity for all customer information needs to be addressed immediately. Customers can shop for products, pay invoices, track shipments, and view all other relevant information- without having to engage one of your employees.

This will alleviate the need for a large team of employees to handle basic customer requests and allow your team to focus more time on cultivating relationships, increasing sales volume, and other high impact activities.