By automating your A/R, customers are able to view invoices and make payments instantly. This will remove virtually all of the legwork from your business operations or accounting teams, who spend large chunks of time tracking down and applying payments to customer accounts.

Your accounting or business operations teams are relied on to handle a multitude of A/R needs, and for many B2B companies this can be an exhaustive tasks due to customer-specific terms and a high volume of accounts. But with a self-service portal you can remove much of the leg work and empower customers to do the following activities:

  • Account/Contact/Login Management
  • Address/Shipping/Tax Management
  • Online/Offline Transaction History
  • Shipment Tracking and History
  • View Invoices, Credit Memos, Payments and RMA’s

A/R automation software enables less hassle in collections, making your employees happier and more effective in their jobs. And by making it easier for customers to pay you, you’ll get paid faster. With A/R automation, everybody wins.

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Your customer-facing teams are spending time on unnecessary tasks. Imagine being able to reallocate half their time to focus on growing sales and deepening relationships with existing customers - it’s possible.