Are your customer interactions optimized, and why does that matter to you?


There are many reasons that potential and existing customers reach out to your company:

  • To check stock status or price on an item
  • To request a part for a specific make/model
  • To request an MSDS sheet
  • To place an order, check on order status, or request a return
  • To request an invoice, check open aging, or make a payment

Those are important activities that help you get, keep and grow your customers. But each of those things require time from employees at your company, whether it’s a request for information or placing a transaction. That time has a real cost to your business, making it vital to identify ways to do those things better, faster, and cheaper.

Our Customer IQ process will help you find all the opportunities that exist in your business to enable more efficient customer interactions. It's a tool that helps you find ways to better meet the needs of current and future customers by empowering them to interact with your business - on their terms.


How It Works

The Customer IQ process involves a deep dive into the ways you do business, and can be conducted over the phone, or via email. We’ll examine your customer mix, sales channels, and business processes, then deliver a set of high-impact recommendations designed to help you optimize all your customer activity.