We subscribe to a work-hard, play-hard mentality and we believe in a work-life balance.

Office Life at CIMcloud

In our office, you will find electric scooters racing around; corn hole; Nerf wars; white board walls; glass windows; snacks in the break room; people wearing jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and flip flops; the company founders and owners actively involved in the day-to-day business; a 120 lb. dinner bell that we ring every time we sign-on or launch a new customer; and most importantly... a talented group of people working hard to carry out our vision.

You never know what you're getting when you find a web development firm online, so we’ll lay it out for you. We work in a traditional office environment. We lease a 7,200 sq ft office on the second floor of a much larger 3-story black-glass office building. It’s located about 100 feet from I-385 in Greenville, SC. We have 60+ employees working right here in our office. People actually show up to the office to work. Some of us have offices with glass walls and doors. People write on the glass walls from time to time. Most of us work in cubes. We all have desks. Most of us have filing cabinets that rarely get used for files (it’s mostly electronic here), but are used to store Nerf ammunition. We work traditional office hours for the most part – but some of us burn the midnight oil.

Coffee and snacks are available in the break room, both healthy options and some not-so-healthy options. Be sure to lock your computer when you step away from it, or you might send an email to the entire company without intending to; we try to keep security top-of-mind at all times.

Work Hard. Play Hard.

Watch this video for a glimpse at employee life at Website Pipeline.

Daily Stand Up Meetings

Some companies tie up hours upon hours in meetings that are unstructured, involve too many people, and don’t have outcomes. You won’t find this at CIMcloud, where we’ve implemented daily stand-up meetings across all our teams to organize our work.

Much has been written about efficient meetings. Good meetings improve performance, while bad ones are productivity killers. Either way, meetings have a profound impact on people’s self-worth.

CIMcloud Meetings

This is how meetings should work.

Are you convinced yet?

If this sounds like a great place to work, you might be a fit to work at CIMcloud – though not everyone is. We’re an energetic, passionate, geeked-out bunch, and we’re obsessed with delivering exceptional solutions to our customers.

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